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Structural design 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Basic structure 1 - Essay Example Inability to do appropriate basic structure results to the structure being excessively feeble and it might fall slaughtering numerous individuals (Charlton, 1973). An auxiliary specialist has significant jobs in planning the help of the house just as structuring the design of the structure. The designer works intimately with the planner to guarantee soundness of the structure. The fundamental difficulties of any auxiliary plan are; The structure engineer needs to fundamentally assess and dissect various materials and their conduct when stacked and select the best and moderate materials. These investigation are significant so the designer can concoct a plan that is efficient and can withstand load. Auxiliary structure guarantees that the structure stands straight, firm and safe. It additionally guarantees that the structure oppose over the top avoidances that uncover the basic components to exhaustion. The auxiliary components must be intended to oppose breaking and creep. The plan proposed by the basic specialist should likewise take in thought the adjustments long of the structure materials because of progress in temperatures as this lead to distortion of materials. The plan must be made to the material determinations including all the assembling resiliences. The major basic component utilized in building incorporates sections, shafts plates, curves, shells and catenaries(Science Corporation, 2001). Sections are components that convey the hub ... The plan must be made to the material particulars including all the assembling resiliences. The major auxiliary component utilized in building incorporates sections, pillars plates, curves, shells and catenaries(Science Corporation, 2001). Materials and techniques In this plan the accompanying basic individuals will be utilized. ColumnsColumns are components that convey the pivotal power. The power might be either in pressure or in pressure. The fundamental plan thought is the hub limit of the section and the clasping limit. The clasping limit of the component is it capacity to oppose clasping. This limit relies upon the; The physical geometry of the bar The viable length of the segment (this length relies upon the opposing ability at both finish of the segment). The level of twisting of the section decides the limit of the segment. Shafts There are two kinds of pillars utilized in this plan. Bars are exposed to unadulterated twisting. The aftereffect of this is twisting makes portions of the pillar be in pressure while the other part to be in pressure. Bar Sections under strain must be intended to oppose it while segments in pressure must be intended to oppose pulverizing and clasping. In situations where the bars are exceptionally long, brackets are consolidated. At the point when a bar is under strain ties are utilized to oppose these powers, swaggers are utilized where pillars need to withstand compressive powers. Cantilever shaft This kind of bar is bolstered toward one side. The opposite end lies free. Essentially upheld pillar This kind of bar is bolstered vertically at the two finishes. At one of the closures it is bolstered on a level plane to empower it turn at its help. This forestalls

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Colleges and graduate schools Free Essays

Picking up admission to universities and graduate schools has become unquestionably increasingly troublesome, as the opposition has expanded drastically in the course of recent years. Indeed, even flawless SAT, GRE, and other government sanctioned grades are not, at this point enough award you the edge you should make certain of acknowledgment. The affirmation article administration we give is your surest method of getting saw by the entrance advisory boards at even the most esteemed schools. We will compose a custom article test on Universities and graduate schools or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now Our scholars are exceptionally experienced and have prevailing with regards to giving the triumphant edge to several people acknowledged into Ivy League foundations. We will make your exposition furthering your best potential benefit, ensured. Grant Essay Winning a grant out of a pool of the best candidates at whatever year implies your grant article must be of heavenly quality. Our exceptionally prepared and imaginative authors are impeccably sensitive to the spoken and implicit prerequisites of grant sheets in all orders. Indeed, a significant number of our authors have themselves sat on grant sheets and recognize the stuff to get you the desired prize. We will expand the impact of your achievements, taking consideration to correspond them with the board’s necessities so that you’ll unquestionably be viewed as the most remarkable up-and-comer. Individual Statement A large number of the individual explanations right now being drafted by candidates leave entrance advisory boards exhausted with their dull substance. Our administration sidesteps those trite and equation based strategies by mixing your announcement with rich assortment and strong innovativeness. While we precisely depict your scholastic and extra-curricular exercises, we additionally burrow further to the significant ramifications of these realities, so as to augment the impact of your achievements. With our assistance, your announcement will be immediately significant, intriguing and decisive of the incredible scholarly and innovative limit that will win the consideration of the hardest confirmations board. Step by step instructions to refer to Colleges and graduate schools, Papers

The Future of Information Systems Research Paper

The Future of Information Systems - Research Paper Example The analyst expresses that a data framework enables the business association to oversee and compose these gigantic volumes of information successfully. These data frameworks permit them to utilize these arrangements of information to run just as improve the business execution by taking compelling choices. There are different classes of data frameworks and every classification contains specific sorts of data frameworks for example the executives data frameworks and choice frameworks. At the present, the achievement of an association totally relies upon the viability of a data framework. The fundamental motivation behind creating and actualizing the cutting edge and cutting-edge data frameworks in the business and corporate structures is to upgrade the general corporate exhibition and improved administration of the business information. In their book Turban, Leidner and McLean characterize a data framework as a framework which gathers, forms, stores, assesses, and disperses data so as to do a particular errand. Moreover, the nature of undertakings differs from division to office. For example, a data framework can be utilized to oversee human asset related activities or for overseeing bookkeeping related capacities. Notwithstanding, similar to some other framework, a data framework contains different components, for example, contributions to (the types of guidelines and information) and yields (in the types of reports, estimations). Likewise, it produces the necessary yields by performing procedure on the given information. What's more, different creators, for example, consider a data framework in specialized viewpoint.

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Medical Coding Essay Example

Clinical Coding Paper To think of a dependable and appropriate wellbeing data framework, we have to comprehend different areas of the data framework that structure its basic columns. These include: †¢ Database attributes and structure A database is an association of information in an intelligent structure. â€Å"Data† is a group of certainty or figures, which have been gathered deliberately for at least one explicit purposes. It can exist in the types of phonetic articulations (e. g. name, age, address, date, possession), emblematic articulations (e. g. traffic signs), numerical articulations (e.â g. E = mc2) among others. Information is put away in a â€Å"database† which is organized to store different sorts of data in its various structures (Blair, 1999). In this manner a database can be characterized as a computerized, officially characterized and halfway controlled assortment of steady information utilized and shared by various clients in an endeavor (Date, 1995 and Everest, 1986) Information â€Å"Information† is the information which have been prepared into a significant structure justifiable by a beneficiary and is of seen an incentive in present or planned dynamic. We will compose a custom article test on Medical Coding explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on Medical Coding explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Medical Coding explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Information is changed over into data through handling like demonstrating, organizing, transformation and association. The wellbeing office data framework is typically intended to process information by tolerating input, handling it and discharging the yield in type of data (Cimino, 2006). This data is sorted out in the data area. The data framework is in this manner saw as being comprised of four parts: information, innovation, procedure (or application) and individuals. †¢ clinical information and data records applicable to the venture Some of the data that could be pertinent to this undertaking could show restraint name and contacts, clinical medicines, ailments, the patients’ clinical history, visiting dates, doctors’ contacts, significant specialists to different diseases, doctors’ arrangements (Blair, 1999; Health Level Seven, 2008). †¢ The significance of uniform phrasing, coding and normalization of the information The advantage of utilizing uniform wording, coding and normalization of the information is pivoted in like manner comprehension and translation. Uniform coding will guarantee that sedate organization and clinical solutions don't struggle rather stay uniform all through the social insurance office (Blair, 1999). This along these lines expects normalization to guarantee that independent of the person’s understanding, regular significance is accomplished in the wellbeing division. †¢ Information gauges and associations that might be appropriate, and potentially required To accomplish this normalization inside a social insurance office, there are different data guidelines and associations that might be important, pertinent and perhaps required in the venture. Such projects include: 1. Bound together Medical Language System (UMLS) Metathesaurus created in 1986. UMLS is valuable in creating and circulating multi-reason electronic Knowledge Sources which is connected with lexical projects. In this manner, UMLS use in the undertaking will upgrade framework pertinence on tolerant information and choice help (Cimino, 2006). 2. HISB (Health Information Standards Board). HISB is a part of American National Standards Institutes Healthcare Informatics (ANSI), which is a norms Board gives discussion to the intentional coordination of guidelines of social insurance informatics. 3. Establishment of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc (IEEE), which sets norms for PCs. 4. The IOM Committee on Patient Safety Data Standards, a gathering inside the Institute of Medicine that has the charge of delivering a point by point intend to encourage the improvement of information guidelines pertinent to the assortment, coding, and order of patient security data (Szolovits, 2003). 5. Global Classification of Diseases (ICD-9CM) Clinical Modification, which give an approach to arrange bleakness information for ordering of clinical records, clinical case surveys, and walking and other clinical consideration programs (Szolovits, 2003). 6. Computerized Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM), produced for the transmission of pictures utilized globally for Picture Archiving (Szolovits, 2003). References Blair, J. S. (1999). An Overview of Healthcare Information Standards: IBM Healthcare Solutions. Recovered July 23, 2008 from http://records. basic. organization/drug security/msg00186. html Cimino JJ. (2006), Twenty-First Century Desiderata for Controlled Medical Vocabularies: Methods of Information in Medicine 5, p. 218-231 Health Level Seven: Links to Standards Developers. Recovered July 23, 2008 from http://www. hl7. organization/guidelines/engineer. htm Szolovits, P. (2003). Nature of Medical Data: MIT, Intro to Medical Informatics: Retrieved on July 23, 2008 from http://gatherings. csail. mit. edu/medg/courses/6872/2003/slides/lecture2-prin t. pdf

How to Write an Award-Winning Nutrition and Dietary Term Paper

The most effective method to Write an Award-Winning Nutrition and Dietary Term Paper When composing sustenance and dietetics research paper, you should focus on the issues identified with sanitation, diet treatment, great cleanliness, standards of network wellbeing, nourishment appraisal, etc. Your mentor may give you a chance to choose the subjects. Additionally, you might be required to deliver explicit themes identified with nourishment, for example, creature physiology. The achievement of your research project relies upon your capacity to state and demonstrate your position, the manner in which you articulate your contentions, the manner in which you hold fast to specified rules, and the manner in which you watch research project composing strategy. Composing a research project on sustenance is a dreary procedure, particularly when you need vital abilities and some degree of comprehension of the essential research paper components. Notwithstanding your scholastic level, composing research papers is a piece of the assessment procedure that teachers use to test you r comprehension of ideas, your capacity to apply them, and think basically. This sustenance dietary research paper direct gives you the essential tips that will help with your paper. Instructions to Formulate the Term Paper Topic that Works Indeed, even the best essayists think that its difficult to pick a unique subject. Finding a theme for your research paper is the most well-known piece of any creative cycle. Various systems can be utilized to think of a unique theme. Some of them are portrayed underneath: Conceptualizing. The conceptualizing procedure includes considering the sustenance idea you investigate. Thought advancement is a typical thing toward the start of the creative cycle, and it eases back down as you experience the procedure. When conceptualizing, note down any thoughts you concoct paying little mind to how unessential you think they are to the research paper. Freewriting. For capable scholars, freewriting resembles a warm-up that happens when they initially start to compose. It includes sitting and composing whatever strikes a chord for the initial ten to twenty minutes. It will assist you with making your thoughts spill out onto the page. Since freewriting is unconstrained, there are a lot of chances introducing themselves. Hence, all things considered, you will snatch some unique theme thoughts from that point. You don't have to stress over the language, the sentence structure, or the feasibility of thoughts at the freewriting stage. When you are finished with freewriting, you can participate in exploring your composing a while later to think of unique subject thoughts. Research. Regularly understudies believe that by beginning to peruse the material they are expounding on they can reach profoundly of the subject. The issue happens when the guessing keeps the thoughts too occupied to even think about focusing on the theme itself. When you have a potential theme in your mind, you can concentrate on or direct research to set various points you can use to move toward the subject. In addition, intensive research assists with seeing whether an adequate measure of data is there available to you to compose a consistent research paper. While choosing a subject for your sustenance research paper, guarantee you: Pick a subject that will excite the readers’ feelings; Keep away from the themes that have been examined over and again; Select the themes that are not very wide or excessively explicit; Select a theme that makes the crowd energetic about it and ready to roll out an improvement; Select the themes that depend on recent developments and patterns in sustenance and dietary investigations; Pick a point that expresses an issue and offers answers for resolve it; Select a subject that is of extraordinary enthusiasm to you and the crowd. Instances of the subjects for sustenance and dietary research paper are the accompanying: The Interrelation Between Blood Lipids and Human Atherosclerosis; The Effects of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension-Style Diet on Nonfatal Cardiovascular Disease; The Effects of Dietary Ghee; Poor Nutrition as the Main Cause for Child Obesity; The Effects of Dietary Arachidonic Acid on the Humans’ Immune Response System. Pre-Writing Tips for Your Term Paper: Steps Our Writers Take Prewriting is a type of arrangement done before beginning the paper composing process. It includes considering your subject, gathering thoughts, and making an arrangement for your venture. Utilizing proper pre-composing tips can assist you with finishing your paper and put you progressing nicely when you begin composing. You can see this as getting ready for your examination paper in stages that incorporate choosing a subject, conceptualizing, making a rundown of inquiries your paper will handle, and making a blueprint to assist you with directing exploration and sort out discoveries. The accompanying focuses offer a couple of tips to assist you with beginning building up your prewriting plan. Select a subject through conceptualizing or audit a rundown of point recommendations. Consider your point before you begin composing. In spite of the fact that you may have a thought of a theme, purposeful about it to comprehend what you need to expound on. Conceptualizing will assist you with breaking up thoughts into potential themes. In addition, you are probably going to locate a unique subject you can handle without expounding on a typical point. Once you’re finished with that, imagine yourself composing through investigating the things you need to make reference to about your theme and the manner in which you will gather data about your point. It is prescribed to compose brief notes to comprehend what your subject needs, to think about the sources you will utilize, and consider when you will take a shot at your substance. Take part in free composition and think about responding to essential inquiries regarding your point. While freewriting, consider questions your perusers would have and check on the off chance that you can answer them all alone. Accordingly, you’ll get how mind boggling your examination will be. In the event that you can respond to most inquiries, consider adding remarkable data to make your research project intriguing. You ought to likewise check your tutor’s guidelines consistently and take notes on extra activities you may need to take to guarantee your paper meets scholastic necessities. Make a blueprint. In view of what your research paper necessities are, you should make a diagram that highlights segments your examination paper will feature. You may separate your research paper into three segments and work on each area when you are prepared to do your exploration. When you’ve got the full extent of thoughts, you can diagram the data you will introduce in the presentation, the body passages, and the end. The most effective method to Craft a Thesis Statement for Your Paper The theory proclamation should introduce the rundown of your research paper subject in one or a couple of sentences. It ought to likewise advise the perusers about your contention and what's in store. For this situation, make a postulation proclamation that illuminates your perusers about the subject regarding your paper and the position you will take in the conversation. Your nourishment look into paper ought to have a solid proposition proclamation that verbalizes the bringing together topic of your paper. While making a theory articulation, guarantee: It presents the exploration paper principle contention; It gives your situation on the contention; It makes an association between the significant contention of your paper and proof gave in the exploration paper sections; It gives space to the target group to discredit the enunciated claims. For this situation, your proposal articulation should introduce a perspective that the perusers and different scholars can concur or differ with. It ought to likewise give motivations to picking explicit cases over the others; It makes a restricted, clear, and exact declaration that ought to be clarified and upheld through academic proof; It has a particular point that gives the course of your paper’s contention; It isn't too enormous for your paper with the end goal that it is difficult to investigate each part of your case; It presents a contention that can be demonstrated or contended against. Guarantee your target group doesn't in a split second acknowledge your proposition explanation; It alludes to the strategies you will use to give proof to help your contentions. Suggested Structure of Your Nutrition Term Paper A paper in nourishment and dietetics should comprise of at any rate three sections, in particular the presentation, the body, and the end. The body section has further divisions that can be introduced as passages. These divisions center around the introduction of contentions and counter-contentions, and a reaction to the brought up criticisms. Presentation. The initial passage of your research paper fills in as a prologue to it. The presentation should introduce your subject, the contentions talked about in the paper, your planned goal, and ought to contain a proposition proclamation and a clarification of it. In the event that you don't have an away from of your paper’s association at this stage, compose the whole paper and form the presentation once you finish the fundamental body. For this situation, make different segments out of the paper first, and return to (re) compose the presentation with the goal that it reflects what your research project is about. Where vital, characterize the key terms in your theory explanation. These terms ought to characterize your paper and give its extent. Body. The body of the research paper should introduce your contention as specified in your presentation. The contentions ought to be given in section structure. This suggests each passage should concentrate on one principle contention. Besides, each section ought to have a point sentence that makes a case for the passage. The theme sentence ought to be in-accordance with the term paper’s point and the proposition explanation. The ensuing sentences in the section ought to give proof that underpins the prominent case. In situations where the body area ought to contain subheadings, it is essential to amass subjects in a manner that guarantees they give a deliberate examination of suitable substance for every subheading. The body ought to likewise have sections that current contentions that help the proposal. The contentions comprise most of the research paper. In introducing your research project contentions guarantee to: Us

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Jesus Christ Superstar A Fresh Modern Take - Free Essay Example

When NBC decided to take on a live-in-concert version of Jesus Christ Superstar on Easter Sunday, they were taking on a huge task that could easily turn disastrous. The 1970 rock opera album written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice followed by a spectacular movie adaptation by Norman Jewison in 1973 shone a new and controversial light on the days before Jesus crucifixion. With some disastrous live musicals lurking in the past, Jesus Christ Superstar had a lot to live up too, and ended up being a success in connecting to its audience. A stroke of genius with this task was the decision to perform the musical at the Marcy Avenue Armory in front of a live audience. With a mosh pit at the base of the stage, actors could interact with the audience members through handshakes and high fives. The frenzied energy from the audience buoyed the cast members and sustained vigor and liveliness to the production. This was especially seen with John Legends first appearance as Jesus Christ. The crowd was encouraged to go wild every time he appeared, thus adding to the idea that Jesus worshippers were becoming too fanatic. The second part that led to this masterpiece was the casting. In a musical entitled Jesus Christ Superstar, the star of the show was not John Legend, but was Hamilton alum Brandon Victor Dixon starring as a conflicted Judas. John Legends performance started off slow and his one-note acting held him back during moments that should have carried more emotion. However, he delivered where it most mattered with the beautifully tragic Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say). Dixon, however, captivated the audience throughout the entire production. His performance was powerful in the way that he consistently brought strength and emotion during his characters darkest hours. He finished with a spectacular and stunning rendition of the number Superstar. Dixons performance proved him to be the real superstar. The other cast members held their own weight. Sara Bareilles lent her gentle strength to her performance of Everythings Alright and I Dont Know How to Love Him. Ben Daniels imbued his role of Pontius Pilate with regality, and later on, with desperation and despair, as he realized he could not save Jesus Christ. A showstopper cameo that added to the nostalgia of this live production was the appearance of Alice Cooper in a gaudy and extravagant orange suit as King Herod. Again, the live audience came into play here as they fell in adoration at King Herods Song. The set was simple, but largely effective. Scaffolding loomed in the background with the stage clear for the casts large dance numbers. In one instance, this lack of the set fails. Instead of the traditional temple scene where Jesus destroys the vendors stalls, Superstars version is a wooden cross covered in glitter that the cast members writhe upon. This version failed to capture the destruction, the sacrilege committed, and Jesuss true anger at this blasphemy. On the other hand, Jesus crucifixion was a brilliant feat. He was lifted up in the air, as the walls behind him disappeared in a shape of the cross, and a heavenly light shone down. The creative artistry in this scene was stunning and left the audience with one last divine impression. Jesus Christ Superstar pulled off the miracle of being a successful televised live musical. The musical had a lot to live to up to following the widely popular 1973 movie, and yet, it channeled the nostalgia of the past while connecting to a new audience. With an energetic, multicultural cast littered with pop legends and Broadway stars, the vocal power was spectacular and mesmerizing. The interaction from the live audience lifted the performance to a new level and a new form of art. The resurrection of Jesus Christ Superstar was a superb achievement.

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Portrait of War in Letter to a Future Generation and Dulce et Decorum Est - Free Essay Example

For the longest time, wars have had diverse effects on society. Many people including the young and old, woman and men, and even some security officers may lose their lives, close friends, jobs, loved ones and close friends. Sometimes, they may end up being refugees either in their own countries or in foreign nations. The most affected in wartime are often women and children. War can also cause destruction of property in town like burning of houses and shops leaving people living in fear every day. To show the effects of war on the society, Gwendolyn MacEwen and Wilfred Owen, the authors of Letter to a Future Generation and Dulce et Decorum Est respectively used various writing styles in their writing. Some of the stylistic devices employed in the two literary works include similes, repetitions, and metaphors among others. By using these devices, the two speakers can effectively convey their intended messages to the readers, thus carrying away readers emotions. The paper will discuss how Wilfred Owen and Gwendolyn MacEwen successful employ various literary devices in their work to vividly create perplexing images of war and how their opinions may differ. The presentation of war in the two poems is very shocking and makes us to sympathize with the condition of various people including soldiers, children, women, and young men due to their poor conditions during the war. In the Dulce et Decorum Est, for example, Owen uses irony to criticize those with the belief that warfare provide honor to individuals in society. He instead states that war causes destruction therefore leaving the society in distress (MacEwen, 2009). It is evident that the societies, in many cases, have been honoring people who either participated in fighting for the freedom of their countries or rights of the society especially in expression. Although this is a good way of showing respect to those who were patriotic to the country, it is also good to understand that war causes many people to loss of their lives or property. MacEwen refers to the war as bright one which has consumed many peoples lives to ashes and no one understands the silent manner in which war creep s up most people do not notice (MacEwen, 2009). Although the two authors uses different literate devices in their work, their employment of these devices create perplexing images of war (Spacey, 2016). According to the two authors, war can cause various effects in addition to loss of life and property. Such effects include loss of friends, relatives, loved ones, and destruction leaving people in state of urgency. By using words like distant, rest, and trudge, as well as sludge in his work, Owen vividly shows that war is vital as well as vile and therefore it should not be seen as a way of showing patriotism. The effects brought on by the war are always harsh to all human beings regardless of their status, race, or background and this is especially seen when the solders suffer from plaguing gas attacks. Similarly, the description of how the situation was tough during war by MacEwen in the last stanza of her work is evidence of the impacts of war. She describes how she was standing with an animal and could also hear the sounding of the gun from a mythical city. This imagery therefore depicts emotions during the war. She however encourages young people to fight for their freedom for better future generations by engaging in war. Moreover, their depictions of war however differ from one stanza to another. Throughout his work, Owen uses literate devices like similes and imaginary to illustrate the effects of war as well as the living standards of soldiers in the time of war. Use of the word such as trudge and sludge allows the readers to have a clear picture of the physical conditions people especially our military officers go through during war. Also, such words attract readers intention as they develop an interest of wanting to know about the impacts of war by reading one stanza after another. In addition, use of such words play a significant role in showing readers how security officers are not merely tired and how they are almost losing their hopes for the better future. For example, in the first stanza of his work, Owen uses similes when describing the soldiers. He states that solders are very old like the crippled reprobates; some are bent double and look like the old beggars under sacks coughing like h ags regardless of their ages. He therefore manages to break the accepted image of security officers being clever and patriotic to the most non-admirable work in the country and the government as well as the society should put more focus on improving the lives of our security officers. Another way Owen uses to present the impacts of gas attacks is by using of capital letters as well as exclamation marks. The two devices are used to emphasize on the urgency of the situation and how people are worried during the state of emergency. In line nine, stanza two, Owen deliberately applies the term GAS! with an exclamation mark to show the urgency of the situation and individuals have to hurry in order to save their life. We can feel the rush throughout the lines. In addition, using the term ecstasy helps Owen to dramatize the fear of the soldiers. Not only did the speaker use these words to pace up her work but also to show the sense of emergency as well as confusion of our soldiers in the war. The memory of the dying soldier will forever remain in the thoughts of the speaker. Unlike Owen, MacEwen uses metaphors to present the impacts of war on an individual, family, and society as whole. For example, MacEwen metaphorically uses the term animal in stanza five referring to an individual who is scared and is also unfazed by emotions (Strimas, n.d). She claims that the animal was just standing at her left hand and at the same time the ghost warmly breathed from the other side. This therefore shows that the situation was too difficult for her to handle, and In fact, such description of the situation provides a clear picture to the readers of how war can negatively affects the life of an individual. She also states how one could hear the sounds of the guns. According to MacEwen, war is the main source of destruction. Throughout her poem, she frequently use the word you to place an emphasis on the disruption of wartimes (Strimas, n.d). One of the effects caused by the war as asserted by MacEwen in the poem is the interference of the destiny of the individual as many people lose their lives in war. According to her, it can kill people slowly thus reducing the population of the country. Sometimes, it becomes hard for people to walk freely. Therefore, in order to prevent war from occurring as portrayed by MacEwen, young people should be provided with education about the effects of war. In general, although the two writers Owen and MacEwen differ in their presentation of the effects of war on the future generation, the two have successfully used various literate devices to create a clear image of the war. Wars can cause destruction of properties, loss of life, or even can make people live in fear. Their presentation on the conditions of soldiers is very shocking and makes us sympathize to them due the poor physical and mental condition that is accompanied by war. It is therefore important for all of us including young people, men, and women to say no to the war and live peaceful life.